At Optimatika we do two (different) things:

  1. Optimatika develops and support oj! Algorithms (ojAlgo)
  2. We supply temporary contractors to staff your development projects


  • The fastest pure Java linear algebra library available
  • The only full-featured pure Java optimisation library available
  • Multidimensional arrays, stochastic processes, time series…


  • Finance related maths and optimisation
  • Modern portfolio theory stuff: Markowitz, Black-Litterman and other models
  • Historical data fetchers (Yahoo Finance, IEX Trading, Alphavantage)


  • Interoperability with other Java math libraries (most notably Apache Commons Math)
  • Third party optimisation solver integrations. In particular the top tier commercial solvers: CPLEX, Gurobi & Mosek
  • Many other things

ojAlgo Support

You want help getting started with, or getting the most out of, ojAlgo? Usually all it takes is to be able to ask a few questions, and there is no-one better to ask than Optimatika – we created ojAlgo.


Custom Optimisation Models

We can advice you on how to construct optimisation models, which solver to use and we can put together a small model for you. This is usually done in the form of a mini-project.


Want to integrate BLAppTactics with your own portfolio management system, financial data source, CRM or other. We can help you with that.

Join Your Project

If you think our skill set can be valuable to your project – we can join.