Optimatika develops and support oj! Algorithms (ojAlgo) and the BLaadin Edge suit of Financial Systems.

Pushing the Boundaries of what's Possible on the JVM


There is an on-line demo version of BLApp available for you to try

These products are available as cloud based software services only. (We also offer white-labelled OEM versions.)


oj! Algorithms


BLaadin Edge Financial Systems


Optimatika offers consulting services to the growing market for advanced decision support systems. Areas of competence include data mining, simulation and optimisation. Optimatika's services range from identification of business cases to implementation and user training.

Recent work has been focused towards the financial sector; portfolio optimisation and risk management.

In the past Optimatika mainly worked with resource management and production planning. We've done scheduling (work assignment) systems for: High school teachers, airline pilot training, railway freight cars and newspaper editorial staff.


The services


Production ready systems


Originally this was a prototype implementation of the Black-Litterman model developed in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Over the years it's been extended reimplemented and used for a variety of purposes. It is now a

It is available on-line for anyone to try, but frankly you need explanations, documentation and training - and that's not available on-line.


BLaadin is used by Optimatika in delivering its services, it's a showcase for some of the things Optimatika can do as well as for what ojAlgo can be used for.



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